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Graphic Designs

My first attempt at the better poster format pioneered by Mike Morrison. I presented this poster at the 2020 Ocean Sciences Meeting (my last pre-pandemic trip). Made in R and Adobe Illustrator.

Zofia Knorek's Ocean Sciences Meeting poster from 2020.

Logos. Made in Adobe Illustrator.

UE150_UNC_logo-01 (1).png
UE150_UNCSystem_logo-01 (1).png

Instagram posts for a forthcoming (Fall 2021) blog series. Made in Canva.

Event posters from my time as an AmeriCorps service member PTMSC (2015-2016). The poster on the right is a collaboration with watercolor artist Carolyn Woods, who was also an AmeriCorps member at the time but is now the Education Coordinator. Made in Inkscape.


Sample screenshot from my photography website, Made in Squarespace. (Logo by me in Adobe Illustrator.) I made this website,, with Wix.

Screen Shot 2021-08-09 at 4.09.38 PM.png

Additional samples of each type of work available upon request.

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