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Yosemite National Bark (Yoshi)

(Giving the people what they want first: photos of the field technician-in-training. Look at that good girl!)

Fast Facts

• I am not-so-secretly obsessed with lichens and fungi. Should I become a terrestrial ecologist, I imagine I would study these organisms. 

• Chacos are my footwear of choice; my oldest pair have supported my outdoor adventures in over ten countries. 

• If my soul had a smell, it would be a combination of pine and ocean spray.

• Some more favorites: Mary Oliver's poetry, wool socks + Birkenstocks, crunchy peanut butter, yoga

• I drink my coffee with oat milk and my tea Earl grey. 

• The first forest I ever loved are those at Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. I am now partial to the National Park and National Forests on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State, where I lived for a year. 

• I once taught three generations of the Hawking family (including Jane!) about whales.

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