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Folks and Links

Professional Connections and Affiliations


Coastal Fisheries Oceanography and Ecology Lab, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

Joel Fodrie, Associate Professor

University of North Carolina Institute of Marine Sciences

Fisheries Conservation Lab, Smithsonian Environmental Research Center

Matt Ogburn, Senior Scientist (@OceanOgburn)

Allison Tracy, Postdoctoral Fellow (@amtracy8)

North Carolina Oyster Sanctuary Program



Fodrie Lab Alumni

Martín Benavides, PhD  (@selacophile_dad)

Shelby Ziegler, Postdoctoral Scholar, Cal State (@slziegler220)

Coastal Trophic Ecology Lab, University of Oregon

Aaron Galloway, Assistant Professor (@awegalloway)

Julie Schram, Assistant Professor at University of Alaska Southeast (@jbschram)

Reyn Yoshioka, Teaching Assistant Professor at UO (@theRedShrimp)

Oregon Institute of Marine Biology

Port Townsend Marine Science Center

Karlisa Callwood, Program Director (Current Position: Director, Informal Education and Engagement at Pacific Science Center

Hendrix College

Jennifer Dearolf, Professor of Biology 

Matthew Moran, Professor of Biology and Natural Science Area Chair

Mark Sutherland, Professor of Biology 

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

Joel Llopiz, Associate Scientist

Stuff I Find Useful (And Maybe You Will, Too) 

Google Scholar, my search engine of choice

Web of Science, especially their journal abbreviations


Zotero, my citation engine of choice

Alex Lang, advice on applying to graduate school and fellowships (i.e., NSF GRFP)

Texas A&M Fisheries and Wildlife Job Board

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